What Are We Offering?

We are offering FREE Rebranding for Resellers that buy Minimum of 50 Credits. Each Month is 1 Credit

Each credit is $10 to be Resold at $20 + If you want your own Company Name and Logo in the apps that’s what we can do so to your clients you look like your own brand.

More and more people are wanting to sell there own brand , rather than competing with other resellers selling the same brand.

You will also receive your own Panel to Activate and Renew your clients accounts.  We will host your panel on our servers also for FREE. We will Host Your APKS also for FREE

For credits your just message me 7 Days a week if you need credits I’ll load you same day. 

Takes me about 24 hours for rebranding . We will provide you 2 Apks . We will help manage your Filelinked Store as well. 

We do all the heavy lifting. You just have to sell the credits make your money. We pay for Servers and channels and handle the App updates.

What Do You Get?

  • 50 Credits to start ( 1 month 2 devices per credit)

  • Do Credits expire? - NO, Take the time to sell.

  • Is there a monthly bill? - NO, You just pay for credits.

  • 2 Branded APKS (Smarters Pro & XCIPTV app) with your logo and branding inside.

  • 1 Panel to activate clients and renew accounts. Credits get deducted from your balance of your account.

  • 1 Filelinked Store with your logo and apps. We will provide hosting for your apps so your clients can download the apps from YOUR STORE.

  • How do I get more credits? Message us directly we will load your panel same day with credits.